The Bonphotage approach

Our finely-tuned wedding day formula is a hybrid fine-art film photography approach combined with artistic, spontaneous digital photojournalism. We photograph your wedding in both medium-format film and digital mediums. You can rest assured that we will  beautifully capture all of the sweet details unique to your wedding day while also paying special attention to the beautiful, raw emotion that comes along with your special day.  

Bonphotage Fine Art Photography

What can you expect from Bonphotage on your wedding day?

The story of your wedding is unique and personal. On your wedding day, we will pay special attention to all of the details you've spent so long planning. We bring props to your wedding such as a beautiful hanger to hang your dress in front of a window, a variety of the Mrs. Box velvet heirloom boxes to beautifully display your wedding and engagement rings and a styling board from Heirloom Bindery to create beautiful vignettes.  We are hybrid photographers which means we will use traditional medium-format film to capture stunning portraits and also digital photography in a photojournalistic fashion to best capture authentic, real emotions throughout the day.

We will move you in the most flattering and luminous lighting when you are getting ready. We will clean up your bridal suite to make sure the background is always clean and bright.  We will go to your venue before the wedding and find the perfect location  for family portraits and the first look. We will personally edit all of your images and never outsource to ensure you receive a final product representative of the Bonphotage brand. We won't make you pose in uncomfortable positions that don't feel like you. We will make you laugh and remind you that today is more than just your wedding day, it is the beginning of a beautiful marriage and every moment should be enjoyed Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography

Weddings, like similar once-in-a-lifetime situations, require an intuitive sensitivity for the situation, and outstanding photographic technical competency. There are no second chances. Brides and grooms entrust the professional wedding photographer with this, the most precious time of their lives, and in so doing create a strong partnership. Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography


Absolutely! Bonphotage is based in Chicago and Los Angeles but we love to travel! We are happy to customize a package to perfectly suit your specific destination wedding needs. Destination weddings require planning, detail, and a touch of wanderlust...and we love all those things.  Whether it be Chicago, Paris, Tuscany or any other dreamy location, we would be honored to shoot your wedding. Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography

Does bonphotage offer prints and albums?  

We believe that digital files are important but there is no replacement for real, tangible prints. The biggest day of your life is worthy of a hardbound, flush-mount heirloom album which will be treasured and passed down for generations to come. All of our packages include true fine-art prints on archival paper delivered in a custom wooden box. Our brides swoon when they receive their beautiful heirloom albums (available in a variety of linen and leather combinations) and are able to relive their special day every time they open their book.