www.bonphotage.com Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography
www.bonphotage.com Bonphotage Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography

Lynzie Hazan, owner and lead photographer

Hi, I'm Lynzie, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Chicago and Los Angeles. In a former life, I attended UCLA and Northwestern Law School. Despite a lucrative career as an attorney, I decided to take a chance and pursue my lifelong passion in photography. And it has been the most beautiful journey! 

Capturing the love and emotions around me is my passion and I put 100% into every shoot I have the honor of capturing. My style is soft, romantic and elegant and my preferred medium is film. I love the creamy skin tones, richness and texture it provides. 

Having traveled to over 54 countries and captured weddings in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, I continue to be inspired by art, different cultures, and faraway places. I have photographed weddings and engagements around the world, including Paris, Positano, Istanbul and the Caribbean. 

In addition to myself, the Bonphotage team is composed of the most outstanding, hand-selected photographers who share my vision and passion for film photography. Together, we inspire each other and continually strive to create unparalleled images which are each a work of art. 


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